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Our Customers Share Their Experiences With RESQ360.

My Experience of Arthritis and RESQ360

About 10 years ago I began to notice some arthritic symptoms in my hands when I had a lot of writing to do in my job as a teacher, especially when there were lots of papers to correct and progress reports to write. I have been retired for five years now, and the pain and stiffness have been increasing.

My symptoms make it hard for me to grip things, using my thumb in opposition to my fingers or my hand. The pain and stiffness interfere with many of my daily activities, such as brushing my teeth, using a kitchen knife to chop vegetables, weeding the garden, gripping the steering wheel to drive, writing, etc. The more intensely I use my hands, the more pain I have. Sometimes the pain has kept me awake at night or even woken me up.

I was told by a hand specialist that I have spurs on the joints in my thumbs and that they would flare up from time to time. Of course I worry that my condition will worsen over time. I am 67 years old and need the use of my hands for many years to come.

Five weeks ago, I began taking 2 capsules of RESQ360 daily. During the first week I noticed a reduction in my pain and wondered if it was just because I was using my hands less. Then over the next month I had much less pain at night and a very noticeable decrease in daytime inflammation. The knuckles on my thumbs used to swell up and become red and feel hot and tender. Sometimes now I can actually see the spurs under my skin, but I have no inflammation and no pain. Since I have been taking RESQ360, there has been much less inflammation and less discomfort.

I feel encouraged that my symptoms are reduced and hopeful that this means there will be less deterioration in my joints over time. I will continue to use RESQ360 and hope to feel even more improvement over the next month or two. I am not a person who likes to take medication, but I feel comfortable with RESQ360 because of its natural ingredients and the fact that it is manufactured in the USA. The most exciting of all is the hope that my joints will be protected from further deterioration.

If you suffer from joint pain, you are not alone. Your journey to wellness is important to us. We want to know how Joint Pain RESQ360™ has worked for you, but we also want to hear about the healing insights you have learned through your own personal experience.

Share your story with us, and we will post it here to help others who also suffer from joint pain. At RESQ360™ we believe we all have a lot to learn from each other.